The Assistant Secretary-General for the Prevention Sector at the Public Authority for Anti-Corruption (Nazaha), Engineer Abrar Al-Hammad, revealed that “the draft law on financing electoral campaigns is in the process of legal reviews in coordination with the Ministry of Interior,” pointing out that “the law is one of the most important methods of preventing corruption.”

Al-Hammad indicated, during her talk to the “Nation 2022” program presented by media colleague Abdullah Buftin, that “this law is an international and basic requirement for democracy in all countries so that there is an organization for this matter, and the candidate announces and discloses his sources of funding and the budget of his electoral campaign.” To achieve justice,” she said, noting that “there is a ceiling on spending (in the draft law), and these matters we have drafted, and we hope that the reformists from the upcoming parliament will adopt this project until it is passed by law,” reports a local Arabic daily.

She stressed “the importance of applying the law to everyone, and not changing the names so that we do not call bribery a gift, because the battle is a battle of existence, and corruption has fangs, and everyone must contribute to combating it.”

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