Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Affairs at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Buthaina Al-Mudhaf, said the Ministry has a national strategy to combat AIDS in Kuwait — a working document and a starting point at the Ministry of Health is determined to make Kuwait an AIDS-free society.

Speaking on the sidelines of the workshop organized by the Office of AIDS on the occasion of World AIDS Day Al-Dr Mudhaf said, “The Ministry spares no effort in providing all kinds of support for the National Committee for AIDS Control, which is formed by a decision of the Minister of Health in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 62 of 1992 in area of prevention of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, which aims to move to an era in which infection with HIV is rare in the State of Kuwait,” reports a local Arabic daily.

She indicated should infection happen, patients will enjoy continuous health care to achieve the highest level of health that can be achieved without any stigma or discrimination.

Al-Mudhaf pointed out that the national strategy has several goals, and the first goal is to improve access to health care and develop health indicators for individuals living with HIV, while the second goal is to reduce the number of new HIV infections and maintain a zero infection rate among children.

The third is to reduce the rates of stigma and discrimination against individuals living with HIV. The fourth goal is to develop information systems and address any possibility of transmission of the virus to the groups most at risk through the indicators such as strengthening the national surveillance system, establishing a comprehensive system for monitoring and evaluation of the national response to HIV.

Immunologists have direct contact with decision-makers in developing a system for recording and tracing methods of virus transmission.

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