After months of work, a report prepared by experts confirmed that the US Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) plays a prominent role in the future study of unidentified flying objects.

Last year, NASA announced the launch of an independent investigation, led by a group of prominent scientists and aviation experts, reports Al-Rai daily.

The report, which was issued yesterday, Thursday, indicated that NASA plays a prominent role in government efforts aimed at understanding these unspecified anomalous phenomena.

He stressed the importance of monitoring these phenomena using multiple well-calibrated sensors, pointing out that NASA has extensive experience in this field that can be relied upon as part of a “campaign to collect accurate data.”

He stated that NASA could, for example, monitor whether some climate phenomena coincide with monitoring anomalous phenomena.

The report stressed the need for the general public to be more involved in the matter, by devising a system that allows for the collection of recordings taken from mobile phones, for example.

NASA is scheduled to hold a press conference in the presence of its president, Bill Nelson, and the astrophysicist responsible for preparing this report, David Spergel.

The goal was not to review previously observed events one by one in an attempt to explain them, but to provide recommendations on how to study them more closely in the future.

The term “unidentified flying objects” was replaced with the phrase “unidentified anomalous phenomena”, with the aim of removing the stigma from this topic, which is widely associated with speculation about aliens visiting our planet.

NASA defines these phenomena as “observing events in the sky that cannot be scientifically identified as an aircraft or a known natural phenomenon.”

While acknowledging the existence of such events and the need to take them seriously, NASA has been repeating for a year that there is no evidence that their origin is from outside the Earth.

During an interim meeting held last May, experts stressed the need to collect more data in a more rigorous way than has been done so far.

According to some experts, new physical phenomena could thus be discovered that explain some phenomena.

The US intelligence services and the Pentagon also discussed the matter, stressing that it relates to US national security and air traffic security.

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