Dr. Akhila Vinod
Certified Yoga Therapist
Doctorate Degree in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences
Certified NLP practitioner
Certification in Ultimate Back Care, Clinical Lipidology and Diagnosis Spine Disorder

When life came to standstill under measures taken against the coronavirus, Dr. Akhila Vinod, a Certified Yoga Therapist found positive energy in negative times. She launched her own YouTube Channel promoting yoga to lead her clients during the lockdown time. https://drakhila.com/ website was also launched for consultations on Naturopathy, Mind Therapy, Diet, Yoga, Kids Yoga, Corporate Yoga, etc.

In June 2020, Embassy of India in Kuwait announced Global Prizes for “My Life My Yoga” video blogging contest conducted by Ministry of AYUSH with support from Indian Council of Cultural Relations and Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Dr. Akhila Vinod as Yoga Professional and her daughter Meenakshi Vinod as Youth won the First place in the respective category with a cash award of one lakh rupees each and was facilitated in a ceremony conducted by the Indian Embassy. It was a great honor and achievement.

Akhila is also streaming yoga online sessions through ZOOM classes for adults and kids, and also active on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram weekly with her free live Yoga sessions, in addition to offering meditation, diet tips, immunity lessons etc. She is also conducting monthly webinar and workshops on yoga & naturopathy in women’s wellness for all women related health issues and disorders.

She is very enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and experience on women’s wellness and health with women around the globe. Having utilized her time to successfully completed two online courses on clinical lipidology and diagnosis spine disorder, she is proving that lockdown mode should not be a shutdown mode. In March 2019, Dr. Akhila attended the World Famous Annual International Yoga Festival in Parmarth Niketan (Rishikesh) sponsored by Journey World Tours & Travel where around 2000 participants from over 80 countries attended. Dr. Akhila, the sole representative from Kuwait was fortunate to meet World renowned and distinguished Spiritual Leaders.
Expressing pride at being part of this renowned cultural and enlightening one-world yogic family, she believes in expanding global consciousness in healing the planet.

This is why Dr. Akhila launched her video album in YouTube “Shristi” in May 2020, a fusion of Yoga and Dance which incorporates her passion for south Indian dance form Mohiniyattam blending with Yoga and Kalaripayattu (Martial art of Kerala). She has faced challenges in her journey, but the many incidents in her life persuaded her to believe that yoga and its healing methods could cure her mind and body.

She emphasizes the need to be in harmony with oneself with a positive perspective towards life. Her opening statement for her clients “Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be complicated” Dr. Akhila believes in Sustainability, Quality and Actions without any Expectation. Her GOALS for her clients are not only physical and mental health but spiritual health which will boost a person’s overall wellbeing. As part of her healthy practices, she advocates for breathing exercises and deep relaxation techniques to have complete control over mind and body. Her yoga sessions help clients to heal themselves, love one’s body, elevate their consciousness and surpass their own body limits.

She educates her clients to embrace proper nutrition and meditation in a holistic way. She ends her Yoga session with Shanti mantra, which uplifts the mind and body, leading to profound relaxation and a message to heal the universe!! Om Shanti!! Her Mantra is “I will keep doing my Good Karma and rest will follow by itself” Dr. Akhila never fails to show her gratitude and appreciation towards her mentors and those who are an inspiration for her.

She expressed great pride for the following influential personalities in life: 1st and foremost is her late Grandfather Shankaran Kartha, to whom she is eternally indebted for showing her the path for where she is today. Parents Karunakaran Kartha and Prabha who trusted her dreams, interests and passion, and helped her to achieve it. As well as her husband Vinod, who is her partner and gives her his wholehearted support. She is a role model for good health that is a real wealth.


– Reshma Pillai
Special to The The Times

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