Municipal Council member Fahd Al-Abduljader submitted a proposal to transform Kindergarten Al-Quds in Al-Rawda area, block 2 into a public park.

In his proposal, Al-Abduljader said that Article 3 of Law No. 33/2016 regarding the Kuwait Municipality stipulates that it is within the municipality’s competencies and task to provide municipal services to the residents as stipulated in Clause No. 10 of Article 21 of the law. The law talks about the competencies of the Municipal Council Provided that it decides the plans of the regions, determines the uses of the lands, and creates and organizes the residential, investment, commercial, industrial and other areas, in accordance with the general structural plan of the state.

And since the plot mentioned in the Rawda area lacks a public garden like other plots, the garden can be provided by converting the Al-Quds Kindergarten in plot 2, which no longer has a public utility, into a public garden for the following reasons. Firstly, the Al-Quds Kindergarten has become deserted, and the Ministry of Education is using a small area of it to manage technologies. As for the rest of the space, it is unused, as there is another kindergarten in plot No. 3, Saqr Al-Rushoud, that actually works and serves the people of the area. Secondly, since Rawdat al-Quds is adjacent to the Sayyid Ahmad al-Rifai Mosque, and this mosque does not have a separate road serving the mosque, and all the corridors leading to it are pedestrian paths, which constitutes an obstacle for the elderly to reach the mosque, the path deducts a portion of the garden space.

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