The Kuwait Municipality, under direct instructions from its Director General, Eng. Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, dealt a heavy blow to the black market dealers who steal waste, sort it from its source and then sell it, by dismantling a big network.

Through investigations and follow-up, it was revealed that the network is ostensibly run by Asian expatriates, but in fact it is headed by a citizen working in one of the branches of the municipality governorates, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily quoting responsible sources in the Municipality told the daily, the municipality inspectors succeeded, after a monitoring process that lasted for months, in arresting all members of the gang. Details of their work and conversations with the municipality employee who employs them appeared through the videos and photos on the phones of the arrested people.

The sources added that through what was included in the videos, it became clear that the gang controls the waste sorting market, specifically “paper cartons”, as the cleaners sort and collect and then load it into half lorries and then sell it on the black market.

The sources noted that when these workers were arrested and asked who was responsible for the trade, they disclosed the names of those who they directly worked for and the money they received each month which they said was 600 dinars for each half lorry load for a month’s supply.

As soon as some facts were revealed, Eng Al-Manfouhi was informed, who said this illegal business must be stopped and those involved must be punished.

The sources revealed that the price of a kilo of carton is 70 fils and a ton is 700 dinars, meaning that the lowest monthly income for a single transport vehicle reaches 21 thousand dinars, if it transports only one ton per day.

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