The head of the Legal and Financial Committee of the Municipal Council, Fahd Al-Abd Al-Jader, said in a meeting on Thursday that the new advertisements list submitted by the executive body consists of 27 articles, including general requirements for setting up advertisements, the maximum allowable space for advertisements, prohibited matters when placing advertisements, places where advertisements are prohibited, and goods that are prohibited to advertise.

Al Qabas reported that the regulations include the right of the municipality to remove any unlicensed or violating advertisement, and the conditions that must be met in commercial advertisements, whether they are on the roofs or on the sides of commercial and industrial buildings, etc., as well as advertisements inside commercial complexes, parking lots and gas stations, as well as on taxis and buses. The regulation also includes transportation of public passengers and within it, and the conditions for billboards of various sizes that are invested through bidding for companies specialized in advertising and publicity, whether they are within the borders of the governorates or on the sides of the highways.

Al-Jader indicated that the regulations contain the conditions that must be met for announcements of activities, as well as for events, whether electoral or social. In addition, conditions must also be met to obtain a license to register with the municipality and to implement the advertisement, as well as the fees imposed according to their areas, and the penalties whose value is determined according to the type of violation. He said that the regulation aims to provide an opportunity for any governmental or private agency to advertise its activities and services, and in return protect the consumer from any advertisements that include incorrect data or information about any product or service, trademark or otherwise. The members also addressed some old billboards that are still in place, as well as the problem of visual pollution

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