The Kuwait Municipality has administrative closed more than 85 basements for exploiting them for commercial purposes in violation of the Municipal and General Fire Department rules and regulations in investment real estate areas, during a campaign targeting investment areas, that began on Aug 4, 2022.

The head of the Violations Removal Department in the Municipality, Abdullah Jaber, told reporters on the sidelines of a tour of the inspection teams in the Capital governorate that violating basements which are commercially exploited in investment areas will be sealed, reports a local Arabic daily.

Jaber added the aim is to ensure the owners remain committed to vacate the violating warehouses and abide by law and regulations. He stressed the need to voluntarily vacate the violating basements by the property owner, stressing that failure to comply with the laws of the Kuwait Municipality and the General Fire Department will result in issuing several citations against the owner, including administrative closure, and placing a “block” on the file of the property owner.

He pointed out that the application of the law comes to preserve people’s lives, explaining that inflammable materials pose a real danger to the residents of those buildings, and will also pose difficulties for the firefighting force to extinguish these fires in the presence of these dangerous materials.

He indicated that the campaign will continue until it is confirmed that there is no rented basement in the investment places in violation of the requirements of the General Fire Department.

He pointed out that there will be no exceptions to remove the violating warehouses in the investment buildings that violate the law and threaten people’s lives.

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