The Minister of Municipality, Dr. Rana Al-Fares, filed an inquiry to the Director-General of the Municipality, M. Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, about the procedures and circulars issued pertaining to the regulation of working hours for construction work in private housing areas, an Arab daily reported.

The minister was quoted saying that in order to maintain comfort among the residents, and to ensure that sources of noise are reduced within the areas, it is imperative that the official is informed about the circulars on the working hours for construction work.

Al-Fares called on the municipality’s director to coordinate with the Civil Service Bureau and the Ministry of Finance regarding the payment of a night’s allowance to workers in the municipality whose nature of work applies to some departments eligible for allowances, to complete the procedures, as well as to address the Bureau’s requirements. The Service Bureau wrote the minister a letter, according to an informed source, requesting information on the extent to which employees working in the hygiene and safety department, advertising and market inspectors, landfills and removal of violations in the municipality, are entitled to hazard, infection, pollution and noise allowances.

The official called on the Bureau to provide a list of the workers’ names in the mentioned departments, their civil ID numbers, job titles, responsibilities and tasks, and an overview of the hazard, infection, pollution and noise at their workplace, as well as to designate a liaison officer to act as general coordinator for examining the requests for a decision of the Civil Service Council.

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