The Acting Director General of the Municipality, Ms Nadia Al-Shraideh has called on the municipality’s employees at all functional levels to abide by the following for their salaries to be paid.

First: In implementation of what was previously mentioned, transfers within the same sector and between sectors and administrative units shall be suspended as of Aug 1, 2022 until the completion of the fingerprint system for all municipality employees and its placement on the new automated system.

Second: All municipality employees are obligated to take the initiative to register in the fingerprint identification with the work team consisting of the concerned authorities (Personnel Affairs Department – Information Systems Center Department) according to the specified timetable attached to the circular showing the specified time periods for each administrative unit.

The employees of each administrative unit will be summoned separately with their civil IDs and the form prepared for examining job data, approved by the employer and attached to the circular.

Third: The administrative units in the municipality are obligated to cooperate with the competent team to register in the new fingerprint system and provide any required data to facilitate the team’s task.

Fourth: In the event that one of the employees is unable to register in the system for any reason, the department to which the employee belongs is obliged to contact the Personnel Department with the employee’s data, mention the reason for not submitting to register the fingerprint, and attach the supporting documents in order to determine the date and location of the employee’s review to record the employee’s fingerprint.

Fifth: The salaries of employees who did not register in the new fingerprint system will be suspended as a precaution until the job status of each of them is determined and referred to the legal department to hold them accountable for not implementing the circular.

Sixth: The warehouse management must register in the new fingerprint devices as an organizational custody with the director of the administration in the main buildings, and for municipality branches, they are registered with the branch manager.

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