The union of workers at the Kuwait Municipality organized a sit-in in front of the Civil Service Commission, to protest of the bureau’s ignoring the approval of allowances for jobs of engineering nature, most notably site allowances, transportation, shifts and pollution on the roads.

Several Municipality employees confirmed, during the sit-in, that the gathering was a protest against labor rights, demanding the speedy approval of the allowances which they have been waiting for years or they promised to continue to demonstrate peacefully, reports a local Arabic daily.

For his part, the head of the Municipal Workers’ Union, Sabah Al-Oqab, explained that the CSC head of the bureau, Essam Al-Rubaian, responded to the demands of our employees who protested in order to obtain them, revealing the establishment of a coordinating committee between the union and the CSC to study the employees’ demands and present them to the Civil Service Council.

Al-Oqab added that all the due allowances were discussed with Al-Rubaian, and the response would come within a week, pointing temporary suspension of the sit-in until the opportunity was given to discuss the issue.

In turn, the advisor of the workers union, the former head of the municipal union, Muhammad Al-Arada, explained that the sit-in came after about 4 years is to get just demands that were ignored by the CSC, stressing that the next steps will be ‘strike by workers’ in the event the rights of municipal employees are not met.

He pointed between 100 and 150 engineers and engineering employees took part in the protest.

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