The Legal and Financial Committee of the Municipal Council, led by Fahd Al-Abduljader, has given its approval to the renaming of several regions in the country, reflecting historical, cultural, and geographical significance. The decision, aimed at enhancing the identity and character of each locality, was met with enthusiasm during the committee’s recent meeting, reported Al-Jarida Daily.

The approved names for the regions are as follows:

  1. Rahiya Residential: This name replaces the city of South Saad Al-Abdullah, paying homage to the geographical and historical significance of the area.
  2. Al-Istiqlal: Chosen for the city of East Sabah Al-Ahmad, this name commemorates Kuwait’s independence from the United Kingdom in 1961.
  3. Arifjan: Substituting for the city of South Sabah Al-Ahmad, this name is a nod to the Al-Arfaj plant.
  4. Al-Joun: Instead of the northwestern suburb of Sulaibikhat, this name is chosen due to its proximity to Kuwait City.
  5. Al-Bairaq: This replaces the low-cost affordable housing suburb, Al-Alam, and Al-Raya.
  6. Al-Soor: Substituting for the South Abdullah Al-Mubarak suburb, this name makes reference to the Kuwait Wall.
  7. Al-Rayyan: Instead of the West Abdullah Al-Mubarak suburb, this name is chosen, representing “one of the gates of Paradise.”
  8. Sidra: Replacing the southern Kairouan, this name is selected due to the presence of 700 Sidra trees in the area.

The committee has also decided to retain the name of Nawaf Al-Ahmad City, the name Khaitan for the southern suburb of Khaitan, and the name Taima for East Taima through a merger. This renaming initiative aims to give each region a distinct identity that reflects its unique characteristics and historical significance.

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