The old Mubarakiya market, on hearing the annulment of the decision which was issued by the Public Authority for Manpower not to renew the residence permit of those 60 years and above exploded in joy because the decision would mean leaving the country they loved.

Lawyers explained to Al-Rai the consequences and effects of the decision and asked who will bear the responsibility for compensating those who have been affected.

The joy that prevailed among the workers at the Mubarakiya market cannot be expressed in words as some shed tears of joy because for them it was like a new birth in the country of goodness.

Al-Hajj Mustafa Muhammad, who has been working in Kuwait for 40 years, told Al-Rai lensman, “We thank Kuwait for canceling the decision. We expected it to be issued because it does justice to the workers. Kuwait is a country known for its generosity and humanity.”

He added, “I was overjoyed today when I heard the cancellation of the decision, which was like a balm on the wound, and I thank everyone who exerted efforts to cancel the decision.”

For his part, Haj Boukassem, who is 75 years old, said, “I am very happy at the cancelation of the decision, which was a stumbling block in front of our dreams and our livelihood. We did not expect such decisions to continue in a country like Kuwait, so everyone is reassured that the decision is canceled.”

With tears he could not hold back, Hajj Boukassem added: “Today is a great joy in the market and everyone is very happy with the cancellation of the unfair decision. We thank all those who contributed to canceling the decision, which had psychological affected us and our families because we love to live in Kuwait that we adore.”

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