The Municipality agreed to the request of the Public Authority for Youth to change the use of the youth center located in Mubarak Al-Abdullah area, Block 4, which has an area of 29,494 square meters, to be a technology business city, in coordination with the Direct Investment Authority.

An informed source told a local Arabic daily that the Municipality stipulated, in its report, which will be referred to the Municipal Council, that the offices of small and medium-sized companies be for companies working in the field of information and communications technology, which is the purpose of the project, and that they do not issue commercial licenses to stores, and that the percentage of complementary commercial activities such as “restaurant” should not exceed 5% of the project area, provided that the restaurant, cafes and banks are served from the inside so as not to cause traffic congestion.

The municipality identified the components of the project as follows:

■ Offices serving the employees of the Public Authority for Youth

■ Communications and IT laboratories

■ Incubators of companies working in the field of information technology

■ Restaurants, cafes and health club

■ Banks of 100 square meters to serve several banks

■ Citizen service center and public relations companies

■ Legal and accounting offices serving the city’s basic activity

■ Stores to serve the city shops and exhibition hall

■ Shops for telecommunications and information technology companies

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