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Hitting a weight loss plateau is really frustrating for anyone looking to lose weight. Everyone who has, at some time or other in their lives, tried to lose weight can understand what I am talking about.

Those who are trying to lose weight often hit a time when the scale will no longer budge, and this becomes really annoying and disappointing. We start to feel guilty and blame ourselves for this condition. But weight loss plateau is common, it can easily be solved.

Ways to move out of the weight loss plateau

Change what you are eating: If you are eating a moderate diet that is high in carbs, try now to eat less carbs and more proteins. If you are used to eating a cheese sandwich in the morning, switch to an omelet for example with no bread. In summary, change the count of your micros and macros.

Add snacks between your meals: When you eat small meals at more frequent intervals during the day, you tend to burn more calories, helping you move out of the plateau. Skipping meals will shut down your metabolism, so even if you are not hungry, include some fresh fruits, a bowl of yogurt, three dates, but vary your choices, the whole idea is to vary the foods you take in.

Alter your calorie intake: Vary your daily calorie intake. If you are eating 1,000 calories today, take it to 1200 calories tomorrow, 1500 calories the next day, and so on for a week. This can be done if you simply double or divide the portion size of the lunch, add or remove a post workout shake into the diet, add or remove two additional daily snacks. But do not alter your calories by more or less than 300 calories a day

Change your workout routine: If you have been doing the same exercise for a few weeks, try something different. If you have been using the treadmill for a long time, it is time to try the elliptical, rowing, maybe other new machines or simply attend aerobic classes. Your body responds quickly to everything new.

Add resistance training: Muscles burn more calories than fat. That is why building muscles is an excellent way to get a higher metabolism. Add some resistance training to your workout, add more weight, more repetitions.

Drink more water: Water has a direct impact on metabolism. If you drink almost two liters per day, you simply boost your metabolism. Be sure to drink extra water when you drink coffee and tea to compensate for the water loss, because those two are considered as diuretics.

Last but not least, remember that every person is unique and the body responds differently from one to another. Chill out and relax. Do not become obsessed with your weight.Give your body and mind a break. Apply the above easy tips and you will notice your weight dropping unexpectedly.

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