The Government Performance Follow-up Agency asked the municipality to know the difficulties and obstacles that caused the delay in the tender of a beautification project, construction and maintenance works for public beaches in Kuwait.

The Deputy Head of the Agency, Mishaal Al-Baijan, said, in a letter to the municipality the competence of the Agency states in Article 2 of its establishment decree No. 346 of 2007, regarding the follow-up of the executive position of government projects within each ministry or government agency in coordination with these bodies, and in light of the timetable approved for implementation, and what is stated in Article 3 of the same decree that the Agency, in order to exercise its powers, may contact the ministries and relevant authorities to obtain information, data and studies, and these authorities shall cooperate and coordinate with the Agency in this regard, and to Articles 1 and 6 of the decision issued by the Cabinet No. 5 of 2021, regarding the work system of the Government Performance Follow-up Agency, reports a local Arabic daily.

The agency has requested electronic copy of the required information as follows:

■ project implementation contract and the last monthly report for each of the contractor, consultant, entity, project manager

■ certificates of material and temporal change orders, provided that the date of their issuance and the reasons for its issuance are clarified from the beginning of the project to its date

■ approved completion percentage curves showing the planned monthly completion percentages for the entire contract period and the actual to date

■ copy of the tables of the planned labor numbers for the entire period of the contract and the numbers of actual labor to date

■ copy of the payment certificates that have been issued, from the beginning of the contract to its date

■ table showing the value of the fines for the contractor’s payments that have been deducted from the beginning of the contract to date, grouped according to the type of fine

■ table with dates of approval and disbursement of financial payments for the contractor, from the beginning of the project to its date, showing the payment number and its value before discounting

■ timeline of the project, including the difficulties and obstacles that caused the delay in the project

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