Despite the growing awareness and raising operations locally, many are still being scammed by money fraudsters. These scammers are exploiting the slogans of government institutions that have high investment portfolios.

If you receive a text message or call from an unknown foreign or domestic number about investing in stocks, know that you are or may be a victim of fraud.

Also, you should not be surprised if you find an invitation, a letter, or even a call in the name of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Muhammad Al-Saqer, or the former Deputy Prime Minister. Minister and Minister of Interior Anas Al-Saleh, or the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Heavy Engineering Industries and Shipbuilding Company, Marzouq Al-Kharafi, inviting you to invest in shares, with pledges of profitability that exceeds your invested capital twice and more, and to provide guarantees.

At the same time you may receive a call from people claiming to represent investment companies affiliated with the Petroleum Corporation, the Public Institution for Social Insurance, or a Kuwaiti bank, make sure you avoid any possible transactions with these scammers.

However, it seems that a particular mechanism has evolved into a form of communication from an unknown source who introduces himself as a well-known trading company, while these communications are managed by suspicious fake accounts that impersonate banks, famous investment personalities. , bank executives, companies and government institutions, knowing that some of these communications are Local number, which is done through the “Viber” application at times, and through regular calls at other time.


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