The residence affairs sector at the Ministry of Interior is set to issue instructions, within the next few days, to resume issuing visas for expats to join their family in the country, an Arab daily reported. According to the report, the first stage includes children, and then, gradually, the wife, mother and father, and according to the criteria determined by the ministry. The decision came after postponing the issuance of visas for a certain period, under the ministry’s direction to set specific regulations and procedures that adjust the demographics, while preserving the rights of residents to reunite them with their families.

On the other hand, the acting director of the Public Authority for Manpower, Dr. Mubarak Al-Jafur, was quoted saying that the authority’s employees follow all steps to recruit new workers to Kuwait, and check their procedures, to ensure full protection for those workers, stressing that the authority issues work permits for all nationalities, except for those that have special conditions from the MOI.

Al-Jafur said in a press statement that in a move to regulate the labor market and follow up and protect the rights of workers, the authority is following up on some countries implementation of Kuwait’s regulations, regarding abuses in the recruitment procedures in some labor agencies and internal recruitment offices. He said that these offices periodically audit new contracts and work permits through a new procedure in the labor departments.

He also stressed that it is not prohibited to issue any work permit for any nationality, except for nationalities that have a special condition through the ministry, while the rest of the permissions are issued through the documentary cycle through electronic systems and the automatic link between government agencies.

Al-Jafur added that countries that do not comply with the requirements of Kuwait’s laws, internal regulations, and notes sent to them, will face measures that amount to preventing the recruitment of their workers to avoid infringement of their rights. The daily mentioned that the most prominent countries whose citizens are subject to a special condition in obtaining a work visa are Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, North Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq.

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