At a time when everyone is busy breaking the fast with family and loved ones at home under one roof at the call to Maghreb prayer, the men in uniform break their fast daily, either between fixed security points, traffic patrols on highways, or monitoring the security situation from the Operations Department, the Central Control Department of the General Traffic Department, which have recorded a number of accidents during the two periods before and after breakfast, with a total of 5,959 accidents during only 15 days in Ramadan (an average of 397 accidents per day).

In the control department, while direct monitoring the traffic situation on highways and intersections, moment by moment, the officers and members of the department eat dates and drink water at the sound of the cannon — the call for Maghreb prayer; their minds and eyes monitor the movement of vehicles and work to provide assistance to the drivers.

A local Arabic daily saw the efforts exerted by these loyal men, each in his field to ensure people break their fast without any disturbance

Captain Khaled Abdullah Freih, from the Traffic Control Department, explained to the daily how the Traffic Control Department has put in place all the required traffic security arrangements and procedures, through the beehive for workers in the department during the holy month of Ramadan, where the roads are monitored 24/7, through which work is done to smooth traffic, by programming intersections, according to the density of vehicles.

Al-Fraih pointed out that the statistics of accidents received by the Operations Department during the blessed month of Ramadan for first 15 days of Ramadan, i.e. from April 2 to April 16, 2022, shows 5,959 accidents — the number of accidents before breakfast 3,034 and 2,925 after breakfast.

Captain Al-Fraih explained the traffic movement is particularly active after breakfast, so the density is in the commercial sites and market areas, which calls for distributing patrols to the sites experiencing congestion and directing security men and patrols by monitoring the roads that witness traffic jams or accidents.

He explained 836 security cameras have been installed all over the country including mobile roads monitoring devices.

All the country’s roads are monitored by, as follows:

Captain Al-Fraih advised all motorists to abide by the traffic laws and regulations most notably use of the seat belt, staying away from using mobile while driving and not speeding, specifically before the Maghreb call to prayer.

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