The Ministry of Interior has completed its integrated plan for the month of Ramadan, which includes the participation of all field sectors, to provide security and safety for citizens and residents.

The Al-Qabas daily has learned strict measures have been taken to reduce crime, protect mosques and secure markets, in addition to increase extensive presence of police patrols in residential areas.

The sources indicated the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Acting Minister of Defense Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled has directed that care and caution be taken to prevent any lawlessness, control the situation, protect lives and property, and provide security services.

The sources pointed out that the security plan distributes fixed and mobile security points, the deployment of the Public Security Police, Traffic, Rescue, Investigation, and other support elements related to the operations teams.

The Ministry of Interior has taken traffic measures to achieve smooth traffic flow on all main and secondary roads and intersections, and has developed a plan to deal with the expected traffic jams at peak times.

The security services have also drawn up an intensive plan to pursue beggars who take advantage of this season of faith by knocking on doors and begging in front of mosques and commercial markets.

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