The Director-General of the General Department of Public Relations and Security Media, Brigadier Tawhid Al-Kandari said the Department is implementing awareness and guidance media plans, and is working to broadcast them through all audio-visual and print media channels in addition to social media platforms, coinciding with the national celebrations.

Brigadier Al-Kandari explained that the awareness media campaign is in line with the comprehensive security and traffic plans implemented by the security sectors and agencies, stressing that the directives of the Ministry’s senior leadership stress the need to strike a balance between upscale interaction with the public and the application of the law to violators and rowdy behavior and negative manifestations.

He called on citizens and residents to abide by the law, and to be keen on making a moral impression and preserving the civilized appearance, stressing the need not to deviate from the norm during rallies which are held to express joy in celebrations in the streets, such as disrupting traffic, exceeding the speed limit, standing in the prohibited areas, parking in spaces reserved for special needs people, and crossing the red traffic signal, hanging out from the windows of vehicles, squatting on top of vehicles or on the bonnet, and allowing children climb out if vehicles on the road, which endangers their lives.

Brigadier-General Al-Kandari warned against spraying water and some substances that cause hampers vision, which endangers road users, and demanded that the public cooperate with the securitymen and follow their instructions and seek their assistance.

The Director-General of the General Department of Relations and Security Media concluded by saying the emergency phone (112) should be contacted in the event of a request for assistance or a negative phenomenon, stressing that those in charge of the emergency phone are fully prepared to receive security, traffic and humanitarian communications around the clock.

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