The deadline for residency law violators to amend their status will not be extended again after it ends on January 31, so it is imperative they fix their visas before the deadline expires, Al Qabas daily reported, quoted informed security sources.

Coordination is taking place between various security sectors in preparation to launch the largest security campaign after the end of the current January deadline. The aim is to arrest violators who refused to take advantage of the deadline which was extended for two consecutive months, which shows that these violators have no intention to obeying the laws, and continue to flout them. Several security campaigns are in the works to arrest all of them and deport them from the country.

The sources revealed to the daily that more than 100,000 residency violators are present in the country without valid visas, while the number of beneficiaries since the beginning of the grace period until yesterday did not exceed 5,000 violators, which failed to meet expectations.

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