Responsible health sources revealed the Ministry of Health intends to import medicines, solutions, ointments and other health supplies, for various diseases, worth about 9 million dinars, after obtaining the required regulatory approvals.

This is done to eliminate any obstacles that hinder the patients receiving care and services in all its facilities and to provide all medicines and medical supplies periodically and without any hindrance, reports a local Arabic daily quoting health sources.

The same sources said the ministry is in the process of importing solutions to treat respiratory complications in government hospitals worth 654,000 dinars and purchase other medicines to treat ear problems in health centers and hospitals at a cost of 169,000 dinars.

The sources went on to say injections for the treatment of cancer diseases at Hussein Makki Al-Juma Center will cost the ministry 763,000 dinars; 99,000 dinars to treat neurological patients, 702,000 dinars for HIV treatment, and 2.7 million dinars for diabetes.

Other medicines that the Ministry is preparing to import include ointments for the treatment of skin diseases in the dermatological departments of specialized centers and hospitals at a cost of 468,000 dinars, drugs for psychiatric diseases at 402,000 dinars, “injections” for the treatment of schizophrenia at a cost of 97 thousand dinars, and “capsules” for the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis in hospitals worth 298 thousand dinars.

The sources pointed to the imminent supply of injections to treat dialysis patients and filters to purify blood, at a cost of more than one million dinars, indicating that the Ministry of Health has obtained approvals to import medicines to treat blood diseases and anemia patients, at a cost of about 1.5 million dinars.

The sources stressed periodic follow-up and direct control by the ministry officials, of the imported medicines, supplies and medical equipment for health facilities, with the aim of protecting public money and making appropriate use of what is imported, without prejudice to the procedures followed, while making sure to store them properly upon arrival, whether in health warehouses or stores affiliated to the health centers and hospitals.

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