The Ministry of Health (MoH) warned of the high rates of admission to hospital wards and intensive care during the past few weeks, especially among those who were not vaccinated against “Covid 19” disease, Al Jarida reported.

The official spokesman for the ministry, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, in a press statement, showed an increase in the average occupancy rates of Covid-19 wards by 37 percent, as well as an increase in the average occupancy rates for intensive care beds by 47 percent,  from January 1 to 26. A total of 92 percent of patients in the covid ward were unvaccinated and 88.5 percent of the patients in the intensive care were unvaccinated.

Al-Sanad stressed the need to vaccinate against the virus, especially with the high death rates among the unvaccinated by 96.1 percent in other treatment institutions affiliated with the ministry, reiterating the need to adhere to health procedures, wearing masks, and physical distancing to prevent the virus.

The Ministry’s spokesperson reviewed a study conducted by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, to confirm the importance of vaccination to prevent the risks of infection, by comparing 200 million people, half of whom are immune to the virus, and the other half are not vaccinated, as the study showed that 10,000 people were infected with Coronavirus among the vaccinated, compared to 35 million who were not vaccinated, while the symptoms of the virus appeared in 2000 people who were vaccinated, compared to 29 million who were not vaccinated.

The study showed that the number of cases that required admission and detention in hospitals amounted to 995 people who were vaccinated, and 1.7 million people who were not vaccinated, as well as 160 deaths among the 100 million vaccinated, and 181,000 deaths among the 100 million who were not immunized.

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