Ministry of Health (MoH) is reportedly working on a plan to shift at least part of the work involved in medical examination of new expat workers to the private sector, due to its inability to handle the continued overcrowding at centers approved for this testing process.

The ministry is said to be currently studying the mechanisms and methodologies involved in linking with the private sector, including regulatory mechanisms and service fees to be charged for the tests. It is expected that once the necessary regulatory provisions are decided and put in place, the ministry, along with other relevant government entities will announce a call to the private sector to bid for this service.

Sources at MoH revealed that privatizing the health examination of expats would ease the burden on the government health facilities, reduce the waiting period for expats to receive an appointment for the test, as well as obtain results of the examination.

This would also speed up the detection of infectious diseases among patients, as such diseases threaten health security of the country, and comes within the ministry’s vision to develop and advance Kuwait’s health system.

Some of the conditions involved for the private sector to provide the service would include that the examination procedures should be administered through centers approved by the MoH, based on required specifications and standards. The ministry would also aim to ensure the accuracy of the test results and the quality of service through strict control standards.

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