In a bid to modernize healthcare services and enhance convenience for citizens, Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadhi, the Minister of Health, has approached the Civil Service Commission with a groundbreaking proposal. The initiative aims to introduce a new electronic service that allows employees to obtain sick leave without the need for a medical consultation, reported Al-Rai Daily.

This innovative service responds to the presence of cases where sick leave is deemed unnecessary after a medical consultation. Its primary objective is to alleviate the strain on primary healthcare centers and medical personnel across the nation, ultimately leading to an enhancement in the quality of healthcare services provided.

Dr. Al-Awadhi’s communication with the Civil Service Commission, as outlined in his letter No. 15-35-2023, contains a comprehensive proposal aimed at amending Civil Service Council Resolution No. 39 of 2006. This resolution pertains to the regulations governing periods, rules, and provisions for granting leaves. Of particular note is the proposal to introduce the service of acquiring sick leave without the requirement for medical consultation, facilitated entirely through officially approved electronic channels under the Ministry of Health.

The proposed regulations for granting sick leave have been meticulously defined:

  1. Full pay during the first fifteen days of leave.
  2. Half pay for the subsequent fifteen days.
  3. A quarter of the salary for the third set of fifteen days.
  4. Leave without pay for the final fifteen days.

Furthermore, the proposal underscores that the duration of sick leave granted to an employee via electronic means should not exceed a total of three days per month.

By leveraging technology and optimizing administrative procedures, the Ministry of Health aims to provide citizens with a more convenient and responsive healthcare system while simultaneously ensuring that healthcare facilities can focus on cases that genuinely require medical attention.

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