The Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Society for Dyslexia, is working on a project to qualify psychologists that would implement diagnostic programs for dyslexia at schools, as well as train teachers with ways to deal with students with dyslexia. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in charge, Osama Al-Sultan, mentioned the request to approve the accreditation of psychologists and the training of teachers on dyslexia at schools.

Al Anbaa reported that the project includes qualifying psychologists to apply the Cobbs program (sorting – diagnosing), as well as a group of mental, achievement and perceptual (audio-visual) tests in the (Las Junior) program for the middle age group, and (Las Alexandria) program for the upper age group.

In addition, the teachers will be trained on how to treat people with dyslexia through a special course in the Sinbad program and the “My First Letters” program, as well as special courses for both Arabic and English language teachers.

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