Sources from the Ministry of Health confirmed that the rates of recovery from the coronavirus are still high in the country, reaching to about 99.6 percent, and that the situation is very reassuring, reported Al Qabas. This came after the ministry announced the launch of a campaign to vaccinate with the Bivalent coronavirus vaccine for the age group 18 years and above.

The ministry stated that the campaign will be carried out through 15 primary health care centers, in addition to the Jleeb Youth Center, and that the new doses of the vaccine are stimulatory doses, which will be optional and not compulsory, that enhance immunity against the basic virus strains and the Omicron mutant strains and are recommended for the elderly and those with risk factors. The ministry explained that it is possible to take the stimulus dose of the updated bivalent coronavirus vaccination after at least two months have passed since the previous dose, for the age group 18 years and above.

The ministry added that the basic doses of the coronavirus vaccine are still available and can be received through the Abdul Rahman Al-Zaid Health Center in West Mishref, for the age group of five years old and above, and as a booster dose for the age group of 12-18 years, and for everyone who has not received the vaccine before.

In addition, the sources added that the percentage of infections to the number of daily swabs continues to decline, pointing to the need to cooperate with the health authorities regarding the demand for anti-corona vaccinations, especially with the spread of the Omicron and XBB mutants in late October. The sources also described the situation related to the virus in the country as “reassuring”, and there is no reason for concern, or even resorting to new precautionary measures against the virus and its mutants.

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