The Ministry of Health intends to stop the work of all permanent and temporary committees and work teams formed according to administrative decisions, until 31 Dec, as this date will be the last month to pay the allowance for attending sessions for those committees and work teams, provided that the necessary committees are re-formed from the beginning of next January.

The Ministry of Health has set controls to organize the work teams and committees by specifying the prescribed numbers for each of the work teams and the committee to be formed, reports a local Arabic daily.

The controls published by the daily includes the request to form committees and work teams should be according to the actual need for work, and that the terms of reference entrusted to them should be different from the nature of the original terms of reference of the requesting party.

The controls say the duration of work teams to be formed for a period of 3 months that cannot be extended, while the duration of the committee is 6 months, which can be extended for one time only after providing justifications and reasons for the extension, and its approval by the competent technical committee.

Requests to form committees and work teams required in any of the ministry’s sectors will be submitted to the Undersecretary’s office to be presented to the formed technical committee for decision in light of the organizing civil service council decisions. This and a cash allowance will be paid to work teams and committees in accordance with the provisions of the decisions of the Civil Service Council and ministerial decisions issued in implementation thereof.

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