Health precautions and preventive measures that have been taken by Kuwait to check spread of coronavirus are proceeding according to plans, said the Ministry of Health official spokesperson. Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, speaking during the 18th daily briefing about the disease on Wednesday, indicated that these measures included discovery of new cases, examining those who got close to persons contaminated with the germ and tracking down how the infection proceeded.

There are 161 medical systems in the world, including Kuwait, facing this challenge, Dr. Al Sanad said, adding that a report by the World Health Organization showed that number of the cases worldwide was larger than the figure inside China, epicenter of the breakout.

Number of the registered COVID-19 patients outside China reached 101,000 in contrast to 81,000 in China, he said, also indicating that the situation in the large Asian nation was tending to get “stable.”.

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