The Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadhi, is keen on the continuous development of the intensive care specialization and technical performance, as well as keeping abreast with the latest scientific developments related to it, pointing to the global interest in the latest treatments for intensive care patients and conducting research to reach the best treatments. He said in a speech at the opening of the Tenth Kuwait Conference on Intensive Care and the First Conference on Supporting Life Outside the Body, under the slogan “Towards Excellence in Intensive Care Medicine and Supporting Life outside the Body”, held on Saturday, that the contribution of local professionals to these international researches is a source of pride.

Al-Awadhi expressed his confidence in the future vision of intensive care professionals and the inclusion of the role of caregivers in this specialty to meet challenges related to the safety and rights of patients, as well as take advantage of the latest modern technologies. He pointed out that the conference provides an opportunity for doctors, nurses and support staff to learn about the latest developments and scientific developments in the field of intensive care and the conference on life support outside the body.

He pointed out that the intensive care system in Kuwait has proven its strength and supported the health system, and that many patients’ lives were saved over the past years through the efforts of the medical staff in the intensive care departments, along with various other departments.

On the other hand, the head of the conference, an internal medicine and intensive care consultant and head of the anesthesiology and intensive care department at the Amiri Hospital, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Faris, said that the conference keeps pace with the aspirations of the wise leadership and the government’s work program. He added that the conference includes a group of intensive care specialists from international medical centers to benefit intensive care practitioners.

He pointed out the necessity of activating and linking between the intensive care units in all hospitals with a database whose core is the desired digital transformation to keep pace with the current era, which enables those concerned to obtain information from the various devices in the intensive care units instead of relying on the paper system.

Al-Faris said that there are 16 lecturers from different countries of the world giving 48 lectures over three days, benefiting about 900 participating doctors, in addition to five intensive workshops, benefiting 135 participants.

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