The Ministry of Health, represented by the Central Administration of Primary Health Care, launched the mental health awareness campaign called “Now I Understand” in the Avenues Mall, an Arab daily reported. The Director of the Central Department of Primary Health Care at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Dina Al-Dhubaib, said that this coincides with the World Mental Health Day, which falls on 10 October every year, when the Mental Health Program Committee from the Central Administration of Primary Health Care launched the awareness campaign.

Dr. Al-Dhubaib explained that the campaign emphasizes the importance of mental health care for all ages, noting that mental health care is not limited to the mental health clinic, but is the responsibility of every individual anywhere. She also indicated the importance of raising mental health awareness for the psychological treatment of an individual to improve the quality of social life and overall health.

She explained that “mental health” has an intrinsic and fundamental value and is an integral part of humans’ general well-being. She mentioned that Kuwait has reduced the gap through mental health services in primary care by cooperating with the Kuwait Center for Mental Health and by holding training courses, exchanging experiences, raising awareness of mental health and improving service quality.

Moreover, Dr. Al-Dhubaib revealed that 38 “mental health” clinics are operating in various primary health care centers in all health regions to provide service and medicines, as well as, psychological therapists, to improve the quality of psychological services in primary health care.

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