The Ministry of Health (MoH) confirmed that indicators of the COVID-19 pandemic in Kuwait are still reassuring, despite an increase in some evaluation indicators being recorded.

In a statement Tuesday, the ministry pointed out that its specialized teams continue community surveillance and follow up globally and locally.

This measure comes in light of the remarkable stability that has been reached during the last period thanks to the efforts of every one, along with following up on reports of global pandemic indicators and monitoring some increases in infection numbers and outbreak rates in some countries worldwide, it said.

The ministry called for maintaining healthy habits and applying them daily in order to preserve the significant positive results achieved in the face of the pandemic.

In the event of contagious respiratory disease symptoms, it is necessary to avoid contact with others, wash hands, as well as cover the mouth and nose in crowded and closed places. The ministry recommends taking the booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine and to be cautious during travel. – KUNA

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