The Ministry of Health announced it has dealt with about 200 cases of brain and nerve diseases in the intensive care unit of the Maternity Hospital for premature babies and newborns, within five months.

The ministry told Al-Anba daily yesterday that the care department, which opened in December 2022, includes a consulting team specializing in brain and neurological diseases for premature and newborn babies, premature pediatricians, and an integrated team of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and speech and swallowing therapists.

The ministry pointed out that there are many medical services that are provided to protect the nervous system of premature and newborn babies, especially very premature babies and cases of hypoxia or suffocation.

The ministry indicated that the department diagnoses, treats and follows up cases of cerebral hemorrhage, hypoxia, convulsive attacks, and congenital defects in the brain and nervous system, in addition to examining growth, development, the nervous system, and the health of the newborn in general.

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