The Ministry of Health is considering a proposal to reduce the mandatory quarantine period to 3 and 7 days, instead of 14, Al-Qabas daily reported. This was part of a study of a number of options related to the condition of mandatory quarantine for travelers arriving to the country.

The daily said, quoting sources, that this proposal is currently under scrutiny, provided that a PCR test certificate is mandatory for any traveler coming to the country in all cases, to prevent a possible further spread of coronavirus infections from abroad, and to stave off the epidemic as much as possible.

The Health study is being done in tandem with monitoring of developments of the coronavirus infection rated in region, which helps to maintain the ban list of countries from where flights are banned, and to ensure its regularly updated, by reducing the number of countries or adding to list, in cooperation and coordination with civil aviation. In the context, the daily said, quoting government sources that the Kuwait International Airport administration has called on the health authorities to reduce the quarantine period and establish a procedure to deal with travelers coming from abroad. According to sources, the airport is suffering from delays in setting up a mechanism, and to ease its operations, albeit gradually, has become an urgent requirement, to move to the fourth stage of the return to normalcy plan similar to how other countries have handled airports resuming in the wake of the pandemic.

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