Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development Fahd Al-Shariaan issued a decision to organize charitable work through mechanization.

The decision defines the automation of charities, which is based on seven main elements: projects plan, bank correspondence, bank transfers, accounting data, legal requests, associations database, and finally employee reports, reports a local Arabic daily/

According to the decision charitable societies will receive requests and organize their documentary courses, including the project plan where the association submits a project plan to be studied by the Charitable Societies Department and approve or reject the projects presented in the plan, and each project goes through its own documentary cycle.

The decision also says bank correspondence must specify “a request to open a bank account, a request to re-move a closed account, a request for authorized signatories, and a request for the authority to collect donations, as well as what is related to financial transfers by making the request through the bank, requesting a financial transfer through the exchange, and requesting approval of sending an amount of money outside Kuwait.

With regard to the accounting data, the decision called for providing the ministry with a monthly audit balance, providing the ministry with a quarterly audit balance, providing the ministry with final financial statements, and providing the ministry with a statistic of financial transfers.

The development of matters related to legal requests, in addition to the possibility of adding new types of requests as needed and identifying the specialized staff responsible for studying the request, including: sending circulars to associations, sending private messages to associations, and sending violations.

And about the associations’ database it consists of members of the board of directors, the articles of association, the association’s objectives, members of associations, and others.

According to the circular, it will be linked with the humanitarian work system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to automatically check the data on remittances, as the association cannot transfer to any entity that is not present (or prohibited) in the humanitarian work system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He pointed out that the automation system will provide various reports such as employee performance, the number of requests that have been completed, reports of financial transfers by country, association, and the external party to which it is transferred, projects reports, and other reports.

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