The Ministry of Education plans to form 14 teams in the Ministry’s general office and educational areas to implement job promotion for at least 40,000 teachers and administrators in early January, according to an Arab daily. The teams will consist of about 140 employees who will check the candidates’ data before issuing decisions to avoid invalidity and recover undue funds.

The source said that the financial allowances for job promotion will be disbursed retroactively, as soon as the employee’s decision is approved by the Civil Service Bureau. Moreover, the budget is already prepared and disbursement will not be delayed.

In addition, the Bureau began to sanction the necessary approvals for external contracting requests from members of the educational staff, as it began issuing the first of them to about 20 Jordanian teachers. One of the reasons for the delay was the large number of correspondences between the ministry and the Bureau in this regard, expecting the mechanism to speed up the recruitment of about 498 Palestinian teachers. Moreover, the 126 Jordanian teachers have been contracted.

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