The Director of the Maintenance Department in Al-Jahra Educational District, Eng. Sa’ad Al-Mutairi has proposed purchasing air conditioning units for all schools directly from companies on warranty, guarantee and maintenance for a period of no less than 5 years, and in some cases even 7 years, according to the manufacturer of the device to help the ministry address the crisis of air-conditioning maintenance in government schools.

Educational sources told a local Arabic daily, the ministry’s purchase of a large number of air conditioners, estimated at 55,000 units, will enable it to obtain prices lower than the market price, as the unit price will not exceed 160 dinars with a 5-year guarantee, which means that the total cost will be around 9 million dinars.

The sources added that the value of maintenance contracts in each educational zone amounts to 1.8 million dinars for 3 years only, or about 10 million dinars for all six educational districts, and even after spending so much money the schools continue to suffer from delays and negligence by some companies which fail to carry out the necessary maintenance work on time.

The sources indicated that the idea of purchasing devices with warranty and maintenance is much better than signing maintenance contracts which cost the ministry millions of dinars annually.

The sources stated that the proposal was discussed and has the approval of the Undersecretary of the Educational Facilities Sector, Eng. Yassin Al-Yasin. The sources also stated the proposal has been submitted it to the Minister of Education and Higher Education for a decision.

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