Increasing cyber threats on government websites and phishing activities have prompted the Ministry of Education to direct its Information Systems Department to form a working team to inspect and monitor security systems, follow up on changes, and requirements for the security and confidentiality of information.

The working team, headed by Chief of the Information Systems Department, Eng. Muhammad Al-Ali, and comprising 10 engineers, has been charged with assessing the security and confidentiality of information and files of all automated systems, networks, communication systems, and main servers of the ministry, including the main page of the Ministry of Education’s website, in addition to conducting a periodic monitoring of the Ministry of Education’s network, as well as setting appropriate procedures for authorized login from inside and outside the ministry’s network and main servers.

The team has also been mandated to develop a plan to implement technical procedures and special regulations to ensure the security and protection of information within the network from any cyber-terrorism, the use of advanced monitoring and warning systems, and coordination with the specialized monitors regarding the required process to provide security for the Ministry of Education network and related channels.

The team will also submit a periodic report to the Director of Information Systems Department, The team is also required to study the needs of the concerned monitors for information security solutions, as well as follow up on information security-related incidents.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Ali Al-Yaqoub, who is also the Director of Information Systems has reportedly issued a decision that the team leader should be in-charge of submitting periodic reports on the work accomplished and which is pending. In addition, the team is also charged with educating the employees on network risks and the positive use of technology and the internet.

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