The Assistant Undersecretary for the Public Education Sector in the Ministry of Education Osama Al-Sattan has issued ‘instructions’ to the directors general of the educational regions and the director of the Religious Education Department not to increase the financial burdens on teachers, students and their parents through any external projects.

A local Arabic daily said these instructions – which call for not assigning educational and administrative bodies, students, or their guardians with any requests or put financial burdens that do not fall within the scope of their duties; not assigning the students or their parents (explicitly or suggestively) to any work that is not considered one of their duties, or requesting any sums of money or donations — are to circulated to school administrations in the various educational stages and kindergartens.

Moreover, all educational or school requirements shall be provided from the financial fund account, the school canteen account, or the advances of the scientific departments in accordance with the rules and regulations followed in this regard.

The instructions fall for circulating the phone number (22304303) and the barcode shown on the instructions document and through the (whatsApp) program circulated to all those concerned with the bulletin (parents, educational and administrative bodies) and sign them with a flag to report any cases referred to in the above items.

Anyone who violates what is stated in this instructions letter and the previous circulars will be subject to legal accountability, provided that the matter takes the form of importance and urgency

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