The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has opened the discussion on the issue of the cost incurred by the domestic workers hiring offices which the ministry has set at 890.

The sources reported that there is no proposed rate of increase, or a final agreement in this regard, as the discussions at the moment are incomplete.

However, the offices complain that the price tag put by the ministry does not cover the expenditure of bringing in the worker and offices end up losing money since they claim they have to bear the travel cost also, the situation that took office owners to the brink of closing business and has reduced the ability of the local offices to cover the local market’s needs of domestic workers.

The sources pointed out that some ministry officials are inclined to the idea of ​​raising the figure, without clarifying whether this will be a liberalization of prices like the previous one or raising the margin, indicating that all options are currently under discussion, and the most appropriate and best decision will be taken that satisfies the citizen and the ministry has to take the interests of citizens into consideration.

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