The Ministry of Communications warned against opening links via e-mail or text messages to pay postal parcel fees or paying dues for telephone services.

The official spokesman for the ministry, Mishaal Al-Zaid, said the Ministry of Communications does not send any links to its customers to pay postal parcels fees or telephone services and warned against opening such deceptive links.

Al-Zaid explained that the Ministry of Communications has monitored, during the recent period, an increase in inquiries from citizens about a number of them receiving messages via e-mail or through text messages from people impersonating the Ministry of Communications personnel, to pay the postal parcels fees or pay the telephone services dues with links attached to these messages, reports a local Arabic daily.

The ministry warned of fake messages that are sent by misleading numbers and email addresses in an attempt to deceive and manipulate customers.

Al-Zaid called on the public not to fall victim to it, as it has nothing to do with the ministry. Al-Zaid stressed that the Ministry of Communications draws the attention of its customers not to open these fake messages, ignore them, and distrust their source because the Ministry does not send any messages that include electronic payment links in exchange for its services to the public.

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