Al-Jazi Al-Otaibi, the official in charge of the “Technosoft Kuwait” team, the computer technical mentor at the Ministry of Education, announced the training of about 64,000 teachers and 586 technical mentors on ways to use technology and employ it in distance education, and they became a nucleus for training their colleagues in the field to spread the culture of technological knowledge and employ its use in the field of education.

Al-Otaibi said during the “Technosoft Education Society 2022” forum, which was held on the stage of the Teaching Members Link, that the “Technosoft” community is the first of its kind in the country, which combines real and virtual work, noting that it includes a selection of trainers from educational leaders who seriously aspire to contribute in developing the professional performance of all employees of the Ministry of Education, reports a local Arabic daily.

Al-Otaibi added in recent years, the so-called virtual educational communities have spread worldwide, to which those interested from different countries belong to exchange experiences, professional advancement and obtain accredited certificates, noting that Technosoft Kuwait was launched in 2015 in cooperation with Microsoft to spread technological culture among teachers, 103 of them have obtained expert teacher certification.

The sources explained that the Technosoft community is a developmental, training and participatory community that aims to exchange experiences and improve the professional practices of its affiliates within the work environment, which focuses on the production of knowledge and refining learning skills more than mere instruction to reflect on the outputs of the Ministry of Education, including teachers and students.

The sources indicated that the Technosoft team activated its programs during the Corona pandemic and the exceptional circumstances that the country experienced at the time, and all workers from educational and supervisory bodies were trained to employ and use technology in education, as teachers of educational stages from primary to secondary school were trained on ways to use education programs remotely to prevent the interruption of education and for students to obtain the educational attainment they need during the periods of closure that occurred, in addition to training 216,569 male and female students and teaching them how to benefit from distance education programs and study through them.

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