The Ministry of Finance has paid about two billion dinars for items included in the budget, which means an increase of nearly 700 million, compared to the monthly average during the last fiscal year.

Informed sources told a local Arabic daily, the state paid 1.4 billion dinars last March, indicating the savings were from the general budget — the increase in oil sales — during the last period eased the pressures on the budget, and increased the ability of the Finance Ministry to pay off the appropriations of the current month.

The sources explained the payments during this April included arrears in the budget that ended on March 31, which included invoices for contractors and other payments owed by the state including purchase of military equipment contracted by the ministry, in addition to the salaries of ministries, government agencies and the like for April, which was approximately 850 million dinars.

The sources revealed during the past month, the value of the international bonds issued by the government 5 years ago, which is estimated at 3.5 billion dollars, equivalent to about 1.1 billion dinars, was paid, explaining that the continued rise in oil prices during the coming period will feed the resources of financing the general budget to pay all its credits for the year.

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