On the approval of the Minister of Health, the Minister of Finance and Minister of the State for Economic Affairs and Investment Abdul Wahhab Al-Rasheed amended the medical committee in accordance with Article (1) of the Social Insurance Law. It should be noted that the committee was formed in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 1 of 2011 and amended by Resolution No. 20 of 2019.

The amendment allowed the replacement of the decision’s text in the first paragraph of Article No. 1, stipulating that the committee should comprise of 12 members, under the condition that it is spearheaded by Dr. Abdul-Wahhab Suleiman Al-Fawzan, Dr. Muhammad Reda Sayed Hashem as deputy, and with the addition of the following members: Salman Khalifa Al-Sabah, Badr Muhammad Al-Adwani, Mudi Hajid Al-Mutairi, Asmahan Farhan Al-Shubaili, Salem Hamad Al-Shamri, Mutlaq Khalid Al-Sihan, Adel Ahmed Al-Zayed, Magda Abdul-Samad Al-Saleh, Jamal Ibrahim Al-Murjan, and the head of the General Medical Council in his capacity.

On another note, the committee shall appoint the undersecretary chosen by the director general of the General Organization for Social Insurance as per previous decisions. The committee shall also seek professional assistance from various competent authorities as per social insurance laws.

The term allotted for the committee’s membership is two years, subject to renewal, under the validity of the committee’s attendance during meetings, alongside the committee chairman, the deputy and the undersecretary.

The decision won the majority of votes, with the affirmation of the committee chairman. The committee shall meet at the headquarters at least once a month and is open to guests of honour. The headquarters shall be determined by the director general.

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