The Ministry of Works announced the publication of the annual plan for the projects of the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport, will be published during the fiscal year 2022/2023 in the Official Gazette.

The ministry sources told a local Arabic daily that the special objectives of the tender are “the study and engineering design of the Gulf track and the facilities attached to the project with a length of 111 km,” indicating that the scope of the works is “the study and design of the first phase of the railway project (the Gulf track) and the preparation of special and general conditions for the project.

The sources said that the duration of the implementation of this tender is 12 months, and it will be offered to global consulting offices through a public offering on the special conditions that are set through the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport, pointing out that putting this project to global consulting offices is due to the fact that Kuwait has never before has implemented such giant vital projects.

It is noteworthy that the Kuwaiti railway project is part of a larger project to link the Gulf Cooperation Council countries which is known as the “Gulf Train.” The total length of the track is estimated at about 2,117 km, and it connects Kuwait City through all the GCC countries, to the Omani city of Muscat, via Sohar, and the total cost is estimated at about 15.4 billion dollars, while the estimated cost of the project in Kuwait is about 300 million dinars, according to what was announced by the PART.

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