The Ministry of Public Works has asked the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters to provide a budget for the construction of the “Farwaniya Cultural Center Building” project.

A local Arabic daily said the area of the project, which is allocated for a site in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, is 22,754 square meters while the actual building areas 12,400 square meters.

The ministry said it is one of the projects included in the development plan, which was delayed for several reasons — delay in obtaining licenses, approval of the Ministry of Electricity and Water, approval for sanitary engineering, sewage network, and most importantly the budget.

This is in addition to the failure to approve the works of the fourth phase “the final design and executive plans” of the project; Because the sanitary engineering license for the health director was not issued.

The project consists of 7 buildings — main theater plastic art halls and its annexes, seminars and lectures hall, a building for the Museum of Antiquities and Folklore, library, child center, the administration building, main lobby and services area.

It indicated that the estimated value of the project is 18.141 million dinars, while the value of the design agreement for the project was estimated at 646 thousand dinars, and the estimated financial appropriation for the year 2021/22 amounted to 178.9 thousand dinars.

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