The Ministry of Oil announced the completion of the “Digital Oil Memory” project, through which it succeeded in transforming the country’s oil archives including photos, oil documents, letters, magazines and publications to digital preservation and making it an easy material for high speed circulation.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil Sheikh Dr. Nimr Al-Sabah said in a press statement that the project aims to preserve and document the country’s oil heritage through digital transformation and preservation of a variety of oil photos and documents that dealt with the oil history of Kuwait, reports a local Arabic daily.

Sheikh Nimr Al-Sabah added that the project provides data, images and documents for researchers, interested people, and scholars, by accessing information by means of optical recognition technology (OCT), which enables the browser to search the content with the required word, and then access the books and publications they received to facilitate the process of searching and reading in a clear way.

He explained that the ministry’s plan for electronic transformation comes out of keenness to keep pace with developments, and in pursuit of the government’s goals and the vision of “New Kuwait 2035” by applying the latest technologies to convert all historical documents in the ministry into accessible electronic content.

He stated that the implementation of the digital oil memory project is a “paradigm shift” in how to preserve an oil archive that extends for decades and put it at everyone’s reach and through the ministry’s website, as the project saves time and effort and ensures the preservation of documents and data and access to them as soon as possible.

For her part, Director of Public Relations and Media at the Ministry of Oil Sheikha Tamader Al-Sabah said the Ministry of Oil succeeded in implementing the project, as all letters, magazines and brochures on the ministry’s website were archived in “QR code” and “PDF” formats, and an online reading service was provided on the official website, in both Arabic and English, with the participation of all employees of the concerned department.

Sheikha Tamader Al-Sabah pointed to the ministry’s success in building an integrated institutional memory, as all historical documents and documents were collected in an integrated manner, preserving this historical legacy from damage or loss, and making this archived information available for viewing by many personalities at the same time.

She stated that the Public Relations Department took six months to implement the “Digital Oil Memory” which was started in November 2021 and was completed in April 2022.

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