The drugs pushers continue to devise novel ideas how to smuggle drugs and this does not end here but their satanic deeds are now targeting the youth of the country.

The latest is lacing children chocolates and sweets with drugs and it is a fact many children especially the teenagers have become prey of drugs pushers.

The Director of the Criminal Evidences Department at the Ministry of Interior, Major General Eid Al-Owaihan, revealed narcotic substances were detected inside some foodstuffs and children’s sweets and expressed regret that it is present in the markets and called on the customs authorities and concerned authorities to be more vigilant.

In this context, the Ministry of the Interior continues its war against drug gangs, and the Director of the Department, Major General Tawheed Al-Kandari, said, “The ministry calls on the parents and teachers to know the truth about the drug and in what form they may be made available to their children and requested that should they discover anything suspicious the hotline of the Ministry of Interior must be contacted.”

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