Ministry of Interior (MoI) has launched its new-look interactive website that is aimed at providing visitors with information and news about the ministry, as well as delivery several e-services to the public.

The new website is a huge improvement from the previous staid site that delivered services on and off at its whim and fancy. At first sight, the site appears elegant and neatly designed, with several e-services given pride of place on the first page. Visit visas, renewal of residency and the all-important traffic fines can all be accessed from the front page.

There are other convenient features also accessible from the main page, including setting up an SMS service and even filing your sailing plan so that the Coast Guard can be informed in case you encounter any emergency at sea.

There is even a feedback section under the Your Opinion menu which allows you to file complaints or make suggestions.

Any complaints against the MoI?

First, fill in your name, civil ID, mobile and email address, and THEY WILL contact you.

Link to the website

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